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Your own voice

International course.
6 weeks long. Three editions (2018, 2019, 2021).

A course to start the search for our own graphic, plastic voice. The way to communicate with the world graphically, of course, being ourselves. What we must, at the end of this course, get is to create an illustration that represents you, as a professional and of which we can feel proud when we see it in the final catalog.

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From Your Own Voice to an Illustrated Book

Advanced international workshop.
14 weeks long. One edition (2020).

A workshop that was planned and requested by the participants of the first course Your Own Voice. It is proposed as a natural process to advance step by step, offering present and future professionals what they need to achieve the objective of creating a quality book that can have a place in the market. The objective is to make a book project: an album, an illustrated book, for children or adults, an artist book … To carry out and analyze a project so that it is ready to present to an editor. Four images (including the cover) and the story-board are enough for a publisher or a contest.

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Taught by

Javier Zabala was born in León, Spain. He studied Illustration and Graphic Design. He has illustrated more than 70 books, some of them written by himself. His books have been translated into 15 languages. He has illustrated texts by Cervantes, Shakespeare, Garcia Lorca, Rodari, Melville, Chejov. He teaches Illustration Workshops in Spain and countries such as Italy, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Iran, Cuba… His awards include the Spanish National Award in 2005 and two Honourable Mentions of the Awards of the Bologna International Children Book Fair in 2005 and 2008. It has also been a finalist of the 2012 Andersen Award.



At the end of each course, the best works are selected and form an online catalogue that is presented at the Shanghai Children’s Book Fair, the Bologna International Children’s Book Fair and the Guadalajara International Children’s Book Fair.

From Your Own Voice to an Illustrated Book


You Own Voice

1st edition, 2018

2nd edition. 2019
3rd edition, 2021



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